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How to take advantage of health insurance open enrollment

| October 02, 2019

Well, it's that time of the year again, open enrollment.  The once a year opportunity to make changes to your health benefits whether it be under 65 health plans or medicare.

Why is it important that you review your coverage once a year with your trusted health agent? Because there are plan changes each year that could affect what plan works best for you.

Has your income changed drastically this year?  Have you had a life change such as marriage,  divorce, having a baby or losing a family member?  It could make a difference on the rates you qualify for.

There are new health plans being offered this year in Martin, Palm Beach, and St Lucie counties. Some of these new plans may fit your needs better than what was available in previous years.

For Medicare eligible members, some of the plans that were offered in the past are being phased out. You may want to speak to us about those plans and how to get grandfathered into them.

Lastly, it is important where you buy your health insurance.  Being able to service you throughout the year is critical and some agencies work hard to sell but provide very little service afterwards.  

At HSBR insurance, we work hard at not only explaining your options to you, but being there for you going forward to answer questions you have  throughout the year.


Open enrollment dates are:


10/15 – 12/7/2019

Under 65

11/1 – 12/15/2019


Contact HSBR Insurance at 772-546-7292 or visit us at HSBRInsurance.com to see how we can meet all of your insurance needs this year.  Or stop by our office at 9055 SE Bridge Rd to meet with an agent.