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What Kind of Insurance Do You Need for a Classic Car?

| March 31, 2023

So you’ve just bought your dream wheels, a classic Mustang Shelby GT350 or a sleek Jag E-Type, but now comes the puzzle of insuring it. Buying a classic car means buying a specific type of insurance: classic car insurance.

Why do you need special insurance? The same way you need a specific insurance policy to protect your jewelry or expensive art, antique cars in good condition increase in value and therefore need more specialized insurance. They can also be more prone to breaking down and harder to fix, so this is also included.

How does it work? It works very similarly to an average auto policy, except it accounts for your vehicle’s agreed value.

What are the requirements?

Usage. Classic cars are not the school run minivans. Part of classic car insurance means it can’t be the car you regularly drive.

Storage. Equally, you can’t just leave it on the street. Most clauses in classic car insurance policies require your car to be stored in a private garage.

Drivers. You can’t have points on your license or have been arrested for a DUI if you want your best chance at taking out this policy.

What does it cover?

Physical damage. Classic car insurance will cover collision and comprehensive coverage specialized on the agreed value of the car.

Damages you cause to others. That’s right, classic car insurance providers will, in most cases, cover the minimum liability required by your state. Some providers will match your regular auto policy.

Roadside assistance. Out for a little joyride and broken down? There is usually an option with most providers to include breakdown coverage and full-service roadside assistance.

Confused? Call or email us and we will walk you through finding the best policy for you.